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Nick Jackson


Nick Jackson graduated from the Institute of Archaeology at University College London, and proceeded to a career as a field director excavating the ancient history of the Eastern Mediterranean. After a research post at the University of Cambridge, he began work as a guide lecturer in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Oman, and has continued leading tours to the present day. Nick’s years spent exploring the Eastern Mediterranean provided a unique window into this important area’s past and present.


Following an excavation in 1993 in Bolivia for the University of Berkeley, California, Nick moved to Berlin to work at the Academy of Art, and has lived there ever since. His main research interest is the late 2nd millennium BCE and the proto-Neolithic period. When not guiding, Nick lectures on Holocaust Studies at Stanford in Berlin; consults and presents TV documentaries; is a book researcher and sometime journalist.

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Tours with Nick Jackson

Jordan: Kingdoms of the Desert
Jordan: Kingdoms of the Desert | February 2024
3rd Feb - 13th Feb 2024Tour Director: Nick Jackson£4295