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Middle East & Africa

The cultural heritage of the Middle East and Africa spans millennia, from Egypt and Mesopotamia's ancient civilisations to diverse sub-Saharan traditions.

    Algeria-500-333 Middle East & Africa - ACE Cultural Tours Algeria

    Join our expert Tour Directors on a journey across Algeria. Stretching from the Mediterranean to the Sahara, Algeria's landscapes hold ancient sites, from Roman ruins to Islamic architecture, reflecting diverse influences from Berber, Roman, Arab, and Ottoman cultures.

    ace Middle East & Africa - ACE Cultural Tours Egypt

    The history and culture of Egypt can be traced back millennia. Our tours to Egypt take in both the well-known and little-known sites. Home to monumental pyramids, vast temples and intricate hieroglypics, Egpyt provides a unique insight into ancient civilisations making it a treasure trove for archaeologists and history enthusiasts alike.

    Ethiopia-500-333 Middle East & Africa - ACE Cultural Tours Ethiopia

    Unfortunately there are currently no departures to Ethiopia.

    With one of the oldest national Christian churches in the world, Ethiopia boasts numerous UNESCO sites in stunning landscapes, from the remarkable rock-cut churches such as at Lalibela, and the palaces of royal Aksum.

    Israel-500-333 Middle East & Africa - ACE Cultural Tours Israel

    "The view of Jerusalem is the history of the world; it is more, it is the history of heaven and earth", wrote Benjamin Disraeli in 1847. The Holy Land has captured the imagination of many travellers, not least Disraeli: from the rugged natural fortress of Masada overlooking the Dead Sea, to Galilee whose historical sites are associated with the New Testament and the modern day city of Jerusalem, still full of history, colour and excitement – and still home to three world faiths.

    Jordan-500-333 Middle East & Africa - ACE Cultural Tours Jordan

    Jordan's history, from ancient civilizations to medieval empires, is revealed through archaeological wonders like Petra and Jerash. Our tour seeks to embody millennia of diverse cultures, providing captivating insights into Nabataean and Roman legacies.

    Morocco-500-333 Middle East & Africa - ACE Cultural Tours Morocco

    Morocco's rich heritage combines Islamic and al-Andalusian elements, evident in the majestic architecture of Fez and the lively market scenes of Marrakesh, with diverse landscapes of deserts and mountains.

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