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  • Explore Greece’s classical archaeology, taking in ancient temples, palaces and fortresses

  • Visit Delphi, located in striking surroundings beneath Mount Parnassus

  • Discover the Acropolis of Athens and its dedicated museum, containing the mesmerising caryatid sculptures

"A very well planned tour, well led and most enjoyable"

“Andrew Wilson was, as usual, an excellent guide”

“Very experienced tour leader… friendly and approachable, he had a great relationship with the Greek guide who was tremendously knowledgeable”

ACE customers on the 2021 Athens, Delphi & the Peloponnese tour with Andrew Wilson

Our journey across the Peloponnese embraces some of the most evocative names from ancient Greece: Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games; Mycenae, from where Agamemnon went to war against Troy; and, soaring above the Gulf of Corinth, Delphi, the ‘centre of the world’.


The wealth of Corinth is epitomised by the Doric Temple of Apollo and the magnificent buildings of the Roman forum. At Epidaurus, the most celebrated healing centre of the ancient world, we will experience the sanctuary of Asklepios, god of healing, and the well-preserved theatre, renowned for its harmonious proportions and wonderful acoustics.


Another early highlight is the Bronze Age site of Tiryns, a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to an evocative fortress; while at the astonishing Lion Gate at Mycenae – tracing the footsteps of Heinrich Schliemann – we will view the grave circle and the palace megaron. We will also explore Mystras near Sparta, a former Frankish outpost housing the Palace of Despots – a rare example of Byzantine civic architecture – as well as numerous churches adorned with 14th and 15th century frescoes.


Moving onwards in our journey, we will discover the spectacular sanctuaries of Olympia and Delphi, both sites of enormous significance in the religious world of ancient Greece. The Archaeological Museum at Delphi holds some of the most magnificent artefacts from the Mediterranean world, including the bronze Charioteer of Delphi and the stone omphalos, or, ‘navel of the world’.


Our tour builds to a fitting finale in Athens. Stepping inside the Acropolis Museum, we will explore fascinating finds from over two thousand years of history, including the mesmerising caryatid statues, and make a visit to the impressive Parthenon Gallery. Our visit to the Acropolis itself will take in the Propylaia – the monumental gateway – together with the Parthenon and the Erechtheion.


We will stay throughout in hotels of three and four-star quality.


This tour will be led by Andrew Wilson, BA, BD, FSAScot, who studied archaeology then theology before working overseas as an archaeologist, specialising in Roman frontier systems and Byzantine mosaics. A member of the Society for Libyan Studies and the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies, Andrew has led many tours for ACE in the Greco-Roman world as well as several in Britain, with a particular emphasis on the archaeology of his native Scotland.

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