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Lucrezia Walker


"A wonderful input from Lucrezia… who went out of her way to inform us fully"


Lucrezia Walker, BA, MA, lectures at the National Gallery and teaches the London Art History Programme for the University of North Carolina. She has 20 years’ experience of leading cultural tours in major European cities, and has lived, studied and worked in Italy. Lucrezia is the author of several books, and was previously Galleries Correspondent for The Tablet.

Lucrezia-Walker Ace Tour Director Lucrezia Walker

Tours with Lucrezia Walker

Piero della Francesca
Piero della Francesca | October 2023
23rd Oct - 30th Oct 2023Tour Director: Lucrezia Walker£2445

Piero della Francesca (Second departure)
Piero della Francesca (Second departure) | September 2023
25th Sep - 2nd Oct 2023Tour Director: Lucrezia Walker£2595

Villas & Gardens in Lazio
Villas & Gardens in Lazio | May 2024
11th May - 17th May 2024Tour Director: Lucrezia Walker£3895

Piero della Francesca
Piero della Francesca | October 2024
21st Oct - 28th Oct 2024Tour Director: Lucrezia Walker£2795