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Julia Marwood



Julia Marwood is a lecturer, tour guide and expert in art history. Following degrees from the University of Durham and University of Manchester, she spent much of her career teaching German and English, before becoming an accredited Arts Society lecturer and tour guide at Manchester Art Gallery. She is a specialist in the arts of Manchester, Scotland and Germany, with a passion for travel and for teaching others about art. 
“When I first saw the work of Klimt in Vienna as a young student it was love at first sight - I had never dreamed that such beauty existed in the world. This was just the beginning of my lifelong passion for art. I now have the great pleasure of spending all day every day looking at and talking about art - apart from when I’m wild swimming or learning Scottish Gaelic! I particularly enjoy visiting galleries in Scotland to indulge my love of the Glasgow Boys, Glasgow Girls and Scottish Colourists. As an accredited Arts Society lecturer - and a tour guide at Manchester Art Gallery - I love to share the joy of looking at art.”
- Julia Marwood 
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