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Gillian Hovell

BA (Hons)


Gillian Hovell, BA (Hons), is a specialist in the ancient world and archaeology. Known professionally as ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’, she has excavated at internationally important sites from the Neolithic through to Roman times. Ex-BBC, Gillian specialises and delights in bringing ancient cultures vividly and engagingly to life for diverse audiences in publications, lectures and events and in the media, and she has extensive experience lecturing on tours and cruises around the ancient world. She lectures at York University and is an accredited Arts Society lecturer.

TD_Hovell_Gillian Gillian Hovell

Tours with Gillian Hovell

Ancient & Medieval Cyprus (Second departure)
Ancient & Medieval Cyprus (Second departure) | October 2024
14th Oct - 24th Oct 2024Tour Director: Gillian Hovell£3395

Athens, Delphi & The Peloponnese
Athens, Delphi & The Peloponnese | October 2024
25th Oct - 4th Nov 2024Tour Director: Gillian Hovell£3895

Lycian Cruise
Lycian Cruise | September 2024
14th Sep - 21st Sep 2024Tour Director: Gillian Hovell£2895