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Nature Tours

From geology and plant life to birds, mammals and insects, ACE’s nature tours are designed to create a unique, multi-layered experience.

The holistic approach we employ when exploring the natural world considers an entire landscape and the ways in which it plays host to life in all its forms. Many of our nature tours also explore the human aspect – the civilisations that have made their mark on the landscape, as well as modern questions of conservation and preservation. Walks are taken at a relaxed pace, led by our engaging Tour Directors, who share their rich experience and expertise both in the field and during evening discussions.

The Coto Doñana & Seville
The Coto Doñana & Seville | October 2023
24th Oct - 31st Oct 2023Tour Director: Kevin Hand
Somerset Levels in Winter
Somerset Levels in Winter | February 2024
7th Feb - 10th Feb 2024Tour Director: Peter Exley
Wildlife & Walking in Extremadura
Wildlife & Walking in Extremadura | March 2024
20th Mar - 27th Mar 2024Tour Director: Kevin Hand
Sardinia: Birds, Flowers & Nuraghi
Sardinia: Birds, Flowers & Nuraghi | April 2024
9th Apr - 16th Apr 2024Tour Directors: Mark Welch & Harriet Allen
Crete: Birds, Flowers & Minoans
Crete: Birds, Flowers & Minoans | April 2024
30th Apr - 7th May 2024Tour Director: Kevin Hand
Isles of Scilly
Isles of Scilly | May 2024
14th May - 21st May 2024Tour Director: Peter Exley
Wild & Ancient Hebrides
Wild & Ancient Hebrides | May 2024
31st May - 7th Jun 2024Tour Directors: Andrew Wilson & Peter Exley
The Shetland Islands
The Shetland Islands | June 2024
17th Jun - 24th Jun 2024Tour Director: Peter Exley
Islay, Jura & Colonsay
Islay, Jura & Colonsay | June 2024
18th Jun - 25th Jun 2024Tour Director: Mark Welch
Wild & Ancient Orkney
Wild & Ancient Orkney | July 2024
9th Jul - 16th Jul 2024Tour Directors: Andrew Wilson & Peter Exley
Wildlife of Albania
Wildlife of Albania | October 2024
4th Oct - 11th Oct 2024Tour Director: Kevin Hand