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Houses & Gardens

Spanning visits to some of the finest houses and estates across the UK and Ireland, and in Europe, our tours offer a chance to explore the history – public and private – of the residences we visit. We will enjoy private access to many of these sites, accompanied by expert Tour Directors to help illuminate our visits.

As well as exploring the architectural and artistic treasures of the houses, villas and palaces we visit, we often also explore the gardens surrounding these properties. The elaborately designed fountains and flowerbeds of these residences were once powerful status symbols, indicating not just the availability of private land to be used for purposes other than the production of food, but also of labour to handle their upkeep. Today, these stately gardens are living works of art in their own right.

Country Houses of North Norfolk
Country Houses of North Norfolk | September 2023
11th Sep - 16th Sep 2023Tour Director: Oliver Gerrish
Villas & Gardens in Lazio
Villas & Gardens in Lazio | May 2024
11th May - 17th May 2024Tour Director: Lucrezia Walker
Houses & Gardens of Northern Ireland
Houses & Gardens of Northern Ireland | May 2024
17th May - 22nd May 2024Tour Director: Cosmo Samuel Brockway
Swedish Palaces and Castles
Swedish Palaces and Castles | July 2024
9th Jul - 16th Jul 2024Tour Director: Charles Hind
Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight | September 2024
9th Sep - 14th Sep 2024Tour Director: Suzanne Fagence Cooper