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Late Availability

There is still time to find a cultural getaway in early 2018, some of our most popular tours have a small number of spaces remaining. Follow the links below to learn more about each tour and contact us soon to reserve your place.
MARCH 2018

Vasari: Father of Art HistoryLIMITED
March 3 - 10, 2018; £1995
• Discover the artists of Giorgio Vasari’s The Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors and Architects on this art history tour of Florence
• Visits include Vasari’s birthplace of Arezzo where he spent the first sixteen years of his life
• Marvel at the paintings of Masaccio and Botticelli and sculptures by Donatello, Ghiberti and Michelangelo
APRIL 2018

Japan in Springtime: Art, Temples & GardensLIMITED 
April 6 - 19, 2018; £4995
• Explore a range of fascinating temples, from Sensō-ji, Tokyo’s oldest temple, to Tōkei-ji in the city of Kamakura, and Tōdai-ji in Nara, home to the one of the largest bronze Buddhas in the country
• Discover the stunning collection of treasures in the Tokyo National Museum, the oldest and largest in Japan, home to a captivating array of paintings, calligraphy, ceramics and statues
• Enjoy Japan’s beautiful parks and gardens, including Ueno Park and the country’s famous rock garden at Ryōan-ji


Algeria: Rome meets the SaharaLIMITED 
April 10 - 22, 2018; £3375
• Discover the Roman colony of Timgad, the “Pompeii of Africa”, founded by Emperor Trajan on the edge of the Aurès Mountains
• Seek out the visible traces of the Roman desert frontier in the vicinity of Biskra and take in the ruins of Gemellae, one of the southernmost Roman forts in Algeria, on the fringe of the Sahara Desert
• Explore Tipasa, an enchanting coastal town featuring Phoenician, Roman and Byzantine ruins above a sparkling azure sea


20th Century Cornwall: Art, Architecture & Design - SPACES 
April 10 - 14, 2018; £1095 
• Experience the legacy of important artists and architects in Britain’s westernmost county
• Enjoy a day’s excursion to St Ives, taking in the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden, and the Porthmeor Studios, ONE OF Britain’s oldest complexES of artists’ studios
• Visit an array of Cornish churches, seeing the work of church designers Martin Travers and F C Eden, and decorative work by the Newlyn School of painters


Vienna: City of the ArtsLIMITED 
April 24 - 28, 2018; £1645
• Explore the artistic and architectural highlights of Austria’s capital
• Experience the world’s largest collection of works of art by Gustav Klimt at the Upper Belvedere Palace
• Discover Vienna’s famous fine art museum, the Kunsthistorisches Museum


Iran: Glories of PersiaON REQUEST 
April 22 - 9 May, 2018; £3945
• Spend four nights in the captivating city of Shiraz, brimming with cultural treasures from across its 2,000 year history
• Delve into the labyrinthine desert city of Yazd from its stunning mosque, glittering with mosaics, to its serene Towers of Silence
• Isfahan’s Royal Mosque, a masterpiece of Islamic architecture, enchants alongside the Lotfollah Mosque and the beautiful Portico of Qaysariyyeh


Bologna, Mantua & ParmaSPACES 
April 30 - 6 May, 2018; £1995
• Experience the artistic highlights of northern Italy from a base in historic Bologna
• View works of art by famous Old Masters, including frescoes by Correggio in Parma’s 12th century Duomo and paintings by Leonardo in the Galleria Nazionale
• Explore the churches and cathedrals of four beautiful cities, including Mantua’s sumptuous Palazzo del Te and Parma’s octagonal Bapistery