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    Albania-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Albania

    Our two tours to Albania travel the length of this mountainous country, discovering layers of historical wonders left behind by Illyrians and Greeks, Romans and Ottomans as well as exploring the country's unique flora and fauna. A little visited European gem, Albania's snow-capped mountains plunge into bright blue seas, charming villages nestle amongst the forested landscape, and coastal lagoons teem with birdlife.

    Austria-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Austria

    Home of Mozart, Schubert and Klimt, as well as spectacular Baroque architecture and beautiful Alpine scenery, Austria offers a wealth of subjects for our tours. Discover its imperial history, art treasures and musical heritage with ACE in the cities of Vienna, Salzburg and Melk, to name but a few.

    Belgium-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Belgium

    The artistic legacy of the Dutch-speaking Flanders area to the north of Belgium is matched only by that of Italy in the history of western painting – accounting for the enduring popularity of our ‘Flemish Painting’ tour. From Brussels, meanwhile, we have explored Art Nouveau art and architecture, and military history.

    Bulgaria-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Bulgaria

    Our tours have explored Bulgaria’s wonderful natural landscape, unspoilt by mass tourism, and its fascinating cultural inheritance, taking in a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites and the country’s richly decorated monasteries – the symbolic strongholds of the nation’s values and traditions.

    Cyprus-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Cyprus

    With a diverse history infused with myth and touched by a range of cultures, Cyprus is home to fascinating archaeological sites and museum collections. Our tour focusing on Ancient Cyprus leads travellers on a discovery of remains from Classical times, medieval castles and historic churches, set against a backdrop of beautiful beaches and mountain landscapes.

    Czech-Republic-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Czechia

    Unfortunately, there are currently no departures to the Czech Republic.


    Previous tours have ranged from the world-renowned Česky Krumlov music festival, known for its revival of Baroque operas, to the artistic and architectural splendours of the historical regions of Bohemia and Moravia. More recently, ACE groups have enjoyed the festive atmosphere of Prague at New Year, whilst simultaneously sampling the Czech capital's musical heritage.

    Denmark-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Denmark

    The Nordic country of Denmark is celebrated for its architecture, modern design and extensive coastlines. Copenhagen, the capital, is home to a wealth of art treasures ranging from works by the Renaissance masters to 20th century painting and sculpture. The countryside, meanwhile, hosts a distinguished array of historic houses largely unknown outside Denmark.

    Finland-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Finland

    With Arctic Lapland to the north and the vibrant city of Helsinki to the south, Finland – which celebrated the centenary of its independence in 2017 – offers everything from outstanding natural landscapes to captivating architecture and atmospheric music festivals.

    France-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours France

    ACE tours to France encompass a wide variety of subjects and regions. Discover the history, art and architecture of areas such as Burgundy, the Languedoc, the Loire and the Côte d’Azur, to name but a few. Further highlights of our programme of French tours include the magical Festival de Pâques in Aix-en-Provence, and our spectacular Cultural Cruises.

    Germany-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Germany

    Germany is the birthplace of numerous famous composers, and its rich musical heritage is celebrated on ACE tours taking in festivals devoted to Handel, Bach and Beethoven, and operas in Dresden and Berlin. Meanwhile, Germany’s artistic and architectural traditions span the woodcuts of Dürer to the modernist designs of the Bauhaus School.

    Greece-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Greece

    Often credited as the birthplace of Western civilisation, the enduring cultural legacy of the Ancient Greeks stands alone. Great scholars, philosophers, statesman, architects, poets and playwrights built their reputation in the cities of the ancient Mediterranean world and their work has been celebrated by a succession of civilisations ever since, not least the Romans. Just as James 'Athenian' Stuart and Nicholas Revett found on their rediscovery of Greece in the mid-eighteenth century, travellers are still inspired by Greece's innumerable archaeological treasures, from sacred and secluded Delphi to the commanding Athenian Acropolis. Later, the orthodox church would come to dominate society in Greece, creating in its wake some of the most spectacular Christian sites in the world.

    Hungary-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Hungary

    The foundations of the kingdom of Hungary were laid in the late 9th century, but after Stephen I ascended to the throne in 1000 and converted the kingdom to Christianity, Hungary rose in stature to a golden age in the 15th century as a middle power within the Western world. The success of Hungary's medieval kings can still be seen in its capital Budapest, as can its continued wealth under Habsburg rule, the nineteenth century bringing about an aggrandisement of Pest, most tangibly seen in the classical Hungarian State Opera House and the domineering Gothic parliament building.

    Iceland-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Iceland

    Glaciers, waterfalls, hot springs, geysers and boiling mud-pots combine to make Iceland one of the most extraordinary destinations for a study of natural history. The country is notable for its austere beauty, singular geology and incredible wildlife, as well as its fascinating history: Iceland is home to one of the oldest parliaments in the world at UNESCO-listed Thingvellir. ACE tours take participants to famous sites such as the Golden Triangle, as well as lesser-known areas to search for flora and fauna up close.

    Ireland-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Ireland

    Ireland’s diverse attractions range from archaeological treasures to enigmatic medieval monuments, elegant country houses, and stunning landscapes. Its literary history fascinates: the poet William Butler Yeats was inspired by Sligo, its mythology and inhabitants, leading him to describe the county as “the land of heart’s desire where beauty knows no ebb”. Meanwhile, the Burren, a large limestone plateau in County Clare, delights natural historians due to its unique botanical environment, and beautiful Wexford provides an annual festival of operatic delights.

    Italy-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Italy

    The gravity and grandeur of Italy’s religious architecture, the beauty and historical significance of its paintings, frescoes and sculptures, and the picturesque beauty of its landscapes delight every time. ACE’s extensive range of itineraries exploring different parts of the country – from Aquileia in the north to Puglia in the south, via the cities of Bologna, Mantua and Parma to the islands of Sardinia and Sicily – offers something for everyone.

    Malta-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Malta

    The archipelago of Malta lies between Sicily and the coast of North Africa, and has a vibrant history with foundations stretching back to some of the world’s oldest civilisations. Ruled at various times by the Romans, Moors, Knights of St John, the French and the British, Malta contains an array of sites of historical and cultural interest: not least the walled city of Victoria on the island of Gozo and the prehistoric temples of the capital, Valletta. The annual festival of Baroque music in Valletta attracts world-class musicians.

    Netherlands-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Netherlands

    In the 17th century, a golden age of Dutch art was heralded under the patronage of a new merchant class, who commissioned portraits, still lifes, flower paintings, marine scenes and genre paintings of a like rarely seen before. This fascinating artistic heritage, preserved in world-famous museum collections, combined with beautiful architecture in the country’s capital, Amsterdam, conspires to make the Netherlands the perfect setting for a cultural tour.

    Poland-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Poland

    The establishment of the Polish state can be traced to the 10th century, but it flourished after the long-established political association with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania brought about the formation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. With a uniquely liberal government for its time, Poland's cities grew wealthy on the economic strength of the Commonwealth's grain trade. Even earlier, the Teutonic Knights wrestled control of trade in the region by constructing a series of massive castle-monasteries down the Baltic coast, that is until in July 1410 they were defeated at the Battle of Tannenberg. Modern day Poland still encompasses much of its ancient geographical area bound by the Carpathian Mountains to the south and the biologically diverse Białowieża forest to the east.

    Portugal-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Portugal

    The attractions of Portugal are myriad. The unspoilt landscapes of the Alentejo and Algarve regions feature a rich assortment of wildflowers and diverse birdlife, as well as stunning coastal views, savanna-like holm and cork oak woodland and steppe-like landscapes. Coimbra, Sintra and Lisbon, meanwhile, are endowed with beautiful architecture, and the Douro Valley is the perfect setting for a cultural cruise exploring the history of port.

    Romania-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Romania

    Romania is a country of dramatic landscapes, intriguing culture, and diverse flora and fauna. From the UNESCO-listed medieval walled town of Sighişoara to the high Carpathian mountains, home to brown bears, Romania features many sites of interest for the cultural traveller. The Transylvanian Saxons were first invited to settle in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains by the Hungarian Crown in the 13th century, and superb examples of their architectural ingenuity survive today.

    Slovakia-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Slovakia

    Slovakia is renowned for its varied architecture, interesting history and striking landscape. ACE’s exploration of the Spiš region of eastern Slovakia introduces travellers to a land of unspoilt beauty, featuring well-preserved village-like towns that enjoyed their greatest prosperity during the late Middle Ages. Leading families of the Hungarian kingdom left their mark on Spiš, and particular highlights of our tour include an excursion to Dravce, and visits to churches adorned by Saxon artisans.

    Spain-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Spain

    Córdoba and Granada present an array of evocative architecture, speaking of the legacy of al-Andalus, whilst Madrid and Toledo host art collections of international significance featuring works by Spanish masters ranging from El Greco and Sorolla to Picasso. Spain is also home to sites of great importance to the natural historian: from the Coto Doñana – one of the most prolific winter birdwatching destinations in Europe – to the wild mountain ranges and limitless rolling plains of Extremadura, and the densely wooded forests of Los Alcornocales.

    Sweden-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Sweden

    The Scandinavian nation of Sweden, which established its independence from Denmark in the 16th century, boasts a beautiful landscape and an array of outstanding architectural delights. Stockholm, the country’s capital, is often called the ‘Venice of the North’, and contains an array of artistic and architectural treasures. The city’s Old Town, Gamla Stan, still features a medieval street layout, and 17th century Drottningholm Palace – a working royal residence – is famed for its beauty and well-tended parks, as well as its enchanting Chinese Palace and celebrated court theatre.

    ace European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Switzerland

    A land of lakes and mountains, Switzerland is the birthplace of innovative scientific ideas, original philosophies, and eminent artists and creatives. There are 4 main languages spoken across the 26 cantons of the country, and the landscapes range from Alpine valleys to the Swiss plateau. Our art tour explores some of the rich art collections and beautiful scenery which make Switzerland such an attractive destination.

    Turkey-500-333 European Tours - ACE Cultural Tours Turkey

    An astonishing succession of civilisations have held sway in Turkey, leaving in their wake ancient cities, hilltop fortresses, magnificent mosques and ruined churches. In classical times the coastlines of Caria and Lycia witnessed the plying of Roman galleys, Greek triremes, Phoenician merchantmen and Egyptian dhows, bringing prosperity and conflict to the wide agglomeration of city-states in the Eastern Mediterranean. Istanbul continues to dominate the ancient Bosphorous with its skyline studded with domes and minarets: it is a treasure trove of Early Christian and Islamic architecture.

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