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Updated 6 April 2022

We are pleased to be operating tours both locally and internationally wherever the COVID-19 situation allows, mindful of any ongoing restrictions or guidance in overseas destinations. In all cases we kindly request that group members respect ACE’s guidelines on tour in consideration of their fellow travellers and the communities we will be visiting.


UK tours

In light of the relaxation of remaining COVID-19 rules, we are not enforcing strict mask-wearing or social distancing on our UK tours. However, as the safety of our customers is our highest priority and given the rising number of COVID cases in some parts of the UK, we would strongly encourage all tour participants to take precautions - for example by wearing masks in busy enclosed areas, using hand sanitiser and being courteous to fellow participants by giving them sufficient space in crowded places. Please be assured we will do our utmost to ensure these measures do not detract from the enjoyment of the tour. We will also continue to liaise closely with our suppliers to ensure that their health and safety protocols meet our standards, and so that we can inform participants of any ongoing COVID-19 measures ahead of time.

We strongly recommend that customers travelling on our UK tours are fully vaccinated. We also request that participants be mindful of any COVID-19 symptoms - a new extended list of which can be found on the NHS website - prior to coming on tour, and endeavour to take a test if they develop any of these. We strongly recommend that participants who develop COVID-19 close to the tour are symptom free for at least 48 hours and must produce a negative test the day before they travel.    


Overseas tours

Testing regimes

While many countries have now relaxed their entry requirements, a few destinations still require UK residents to take a ‘fit to fly’ test prior to travel, which we will advise you about in good time. There may also be additional documentation to complete prior to travel. 


Vaccination requirements

Many overseas destinations require visitors to be fully vaccinated, not only to avoid mandatory quarantine on arrival but also to enter restaurants and cultural sites such as museums and galleries. Where this is the case, the NHS vaccination certificate is usually accepted in place of a ‘green pass’, and we strongly encourage all our participants to have access to an in-date version of this during every stage of the tour. Please note that some European countries also require travellers to have had their booster vaccination in order to travel around and access cultural sites and restaurants. We will notify customers on tours where this is the case, however in general we recommend that tour participants have their booster at their earliest convenience. The NHS app now displays confirmation of original and booster vaccinations and you can also print or order a copy of your vaccination certificate by visiting the NHS website. Please ensure that your copy displays a valid QR code as most sites will need to scan this to permit entry.


COVID-19 measures abroad

COVID-19 measures such as social distancing and mask-wearing are still obligatory in a number of European and other international destinations. For example, you may be required to wear masks in indoor spaces when not eating or drinking: this applies to visits, hotels and coaches. 

Although other countries and regions have significantly relaxed their official regulations, to minimise the chance of catching COVID-19 on tour, we strongly recommend that all our groups continue to take precautions particularly in crowded areas and on board the coach. VOX headsets will be used to facilitate guiding so that social distancing can be maintained wherever possible. As with our UK tours, we will continue to check that our accommodation and coach providers have policies and protocols in place to manage risks associated with COVID-19.

Please note that if you test positive for COVID-19 while abroad, it may be necessary to quarantine, for example at the group hotel or equivalent, for a period of time; we therefore recommend that all participants carry travel insurance that covers this eventuality. ACE will assist in the rearranging of return transport and offer guidance and support to any participant who is obliged to quarantine while on tour. 


Keeping you informed

To ensure that we are able to follow the latest safety guidelines, and also to maximise enjoyment of the tour, we may need to make some adjustments to our itineraries nearer the time. Some changes may be required where social distancing remains in place (for example, in smaller enclosed environments) or local factors prevent us from accessing particular sites (such as site closures, delayed re-openings or restrictions on group visits). If we need to omit a planned visit, we will endeavour to replace it with an equivalent. Some visits may take longer than originally envisaged and it may be necessary to split into smaller groups. We will make customers booked onto each tour aware of any significant alterations.


Cancellation due to COVID-19

We also wish to reassure all our customers that if it is not possible for us to proceed with a tour for whatever reason, including COVID-19, we will transfer your booking to a future tour of your choice, provide a refund credit note or offer you a full refund. Please note that if you are personally prevented from travelling as a result of COVID-19 our normal cancellation charges will apply. For this reason we highly recommend that you take out travel insurance at the time of booking that specifically includes cover in the event that you are personally unable to travel. 


Expert staff

Our expert Tour Managers will ensure that the necessary safety procedures are implemented throughout the tour and we would appreciate your cooperation in helping to make proceedings run smoothly.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding and we look forward to welcoming you on tour very soon.