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23 November 2020

Book Review | Stone on Stone by Imogen Corrigan

ACE Book Review – Imogen Corrigan, Stone on Stone: The Men who Built the Cathedrals


14 November 2020

ACE Stories | A Good Read 2

Following yesterday’s exploration of the library at Felbrigg Hall, part of ACE’s series of short cultural histories, today we focus on another outstanding collection of books in the ownership of the National Trust.


13 November 2020

ACE Stories | A Good Read 1

ACE is pleased to present another in our series of short cultural insights, taking a familiar topic and delving into detail, with the aim of inspiring cultural curiosity. This week’s theme is something to which we often turn as the winter draws in – a good read. Today and tomorrow, we shine a spotlight upon two noteworthy English country house libraries and explore what makes them so fascinating, before making some reading recommendations of our own for ACE travellers.


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