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15 May 2018

Tour Director Annie Owen's new book 'Idling in India', is a collection of 150 images taken across two decades of travel to India.

Idling in India
Photographs from ACE Tour Director Annie Owen's new book

One of India’s most distinctive regions, Odisha (Orissa) stretches along the Bay of Bengal and the flanking hill country.

Enriched by ambitious medieval kings but then neglected by both Mogul and British conquerors, it remains a byword for traditional oratory and poetry, dance, crafts, rites and religious architecture.

Less widely appreciated is that much of this heritage draws on tribal roots of the deepest antiquity. 

Tour Director Annie Owen is a photographer and author who has been travelling to India for over 25 years.

She is most at home in the tiny street markets or tribal villages chatting to local people, and has compiled a fabulous selection in a brand new book 'Idling in India', showcasing her continuing passion for and fascination with the diverse peoples and places within this vast and extraordinary country. Click here to purchase a copy.

Some images from the book

Idling in India
by Annie Owen
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