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ACE Cultural Tours


ACE Cultural Tours (including ACE Cultural Cruises) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the charity, the ACE Foundation.

Founded in 1958, ACE is by far the oldest and most experienced provider of study tours and cultural travel in the United Kingdom, running tours, cruises and courses in the British Isles, Europe and across the globe.

In 2018 we celebrated our 60th season offering residential courses and study tours at home and abroad. All our tours combine three essential elements: exciting destinations,interesting subjects and stimulating leaders.

Each of our tours is led by an experienced course director: from one of the BBC's most distinguished music commentators to one of the few Europeans granted permission to guide in the Hermitage; from a geo-physicist with the British Antarctic Survey to the head of Special Collections at the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Although experts lead our tours, participants need no previous qualifications or experience to enjoy an ACE course; all that is required is a curiosity in the subject concerned. Most groups have between 15 and 25 participants.

ACE is committed to Responsible Tourism and each year our trustees make substantial donations to the regions that we visit, both in the UK and abroad.