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John Deathridge,


Sarah Burles portrait
Sarah Burles portrait

A former organ scholar, graduate and postgraduate of Lincoln College, Oxford, John is currently Emeritus King Edward Professor of Music at King's College London, where he joined the Music Department there in 1996. Before that he taught at the universities of Princeton, Chicago and Cambridge (where he was a lecturer at the University and Fellow of King's College 1983-96) and continues to be active as a performer and regular broadcaster.

John is regarded as one of the world’s foremost Wagner experts and a noted authority on Beethoven. He is also a former President of the Royal Musical Association (2005-8), Britain's most learned music society. His latest publication is an introduction to, and a translation and edition of, Wagner’s epic cycle The Ring of the Nibelung (Penguin Random House 2018); he is currently researching a new study, with J.S. Bach and Beethoven at its centre, on the history and influence of German music.