Cultural tours for the discerning traveller

Harriet Allen ,MA, MSc, PhD

Harriet Allen, MA, MSc, PhD

Geographer and Fellow and Director of Studies at Girton College, Cambridge

Meri Arichi ,MA, PhD

Meri Arichi, MA, PhD

art historian and lecturer at SOAS

Colin Bailey ,BA, PhD, FSA, FSAScot

Colin Bailey, BA, PhD, FSA, FSAScot

art historian, former curator and university lecturer

David Bostwick ,MA, PhD

David Bostwick, MA, PhD

lecturer and consultant on historic buildings of the 16th and 17th centuries

John Bryden ,MA

John Bryden, MA

international concert pianist and organist and classical music lecturer

Sandy Burnett ,MA

Sandy Burnett, MA

a musician and broadcaster who enjoys a varied career embracing conducting, broadcasting,...

John Deathridge ,MA, DPhil

John Deathridge, MA, DPhil

A former organ scholar, graduate and postgraduate of Lincoln College, John is currently...

Gerald Deslandes ,BA, MA

Gerald Deslandes, BA, MA

art historian and exhibitions director

John Greenacre ,PhD

John Greenacre, PhD

After careers in the British Army and th eacademic world John now lectures on a variety...

Kevin Hand ,MSc, MIEEM

Kevin Hand, MSc, MIEEM

conservationist, ornithologist and environmental consultant

Mark Hanger ,MA

Mark Hanger, MA

graduate of Otago University, experienced botanist and ornithologist

Vivien Heilbron

Vivien Heilbron

Shakespearean actress, Emmy nominee and honorary fellow of the Shakespeare Institute...

Peter Higginson ,PhD

Peter Higginson, PhD

expert in art history and consultant lecturer at Christie's, London

Kate Kennedy ,MA, PhD

Kate Kennedy, MA, PhD

Fellow of Girton College and lecturer in the Music and English faculties.

Philip Kenrick ,MA, DPhil

Philip Kenrick, MA, DPhil

classical archaeologist and author

Marcus Kohler ,BA

Marcus Kohler, BA

ecologist, ornithologist and horticulturalist who works in the UK, South East Asia,...

Alex Koller ,PhD

Alex Koller, PhD

lecturer in art history and architecture

Dennis Marks ,BA Hons

Dennis Marks, BA Hons

Broadcaster, filmmaker and writer

Annie Owen ,BA

Annie Owen, BA

photographer, illustrator and printmaker

Konstantine Politis ,BA, DEA, MA, PhD

Konstantine Politis, BA, DEA, MA, PhD

An Archaeologist who has directed several field projects on behalf of the British...

Mark Powell ,BA, FRGS

Mark Powell, BA, FRGS

writer and architectural historian

Roland Randall ,MA, MSc, CEnv, PhD

Roland Randall, MA, MSc, CEnv, PhD

botanist and fellow of Girton College, Cambridge

Peter Sharrock

Peter Sharrock

Khmerologist and senior teaching fellow at SOAS

Robert Simpson ,PhD

Robert Simpson, PhD

Astrophysicist at Oxford University.

Ashley Solomon ,HonRCM, ARAM

Ashley Solomon, HonRCM, ARAM

Chair and Head of Historical Performance at the Royal College of Music and Director...

Martin Symington

Martin Symington

author of the Dorling Kindersley guidebook to Portugal and the AA Essential Guide...

Nicholas Wearne ,BA, MPhil

Nicholas Wearne, BA, MPhil

Nicholas Wearne, BA (hons), MPhil (Oxon), an ACE Bursary student, holds a Junior...

Christopher Wellington ,MA

Christopher Wellington, MA

historian, long-term resident of Piacenza and fluent Italian speaker

Roger White ,MA, FSA

Roger White, MA, FSA

architectural and garden historian, former secretary of the Georgian Group and Garden...

Andrew Wilson ,BA, BD, FSAScot

Andrew Wilson, BA, BD, FSAScot

specialist in archaeology and ancient history